Here is how you can refund a guest or booking.

1) Locate the guests booking in your scheduler 

2) Click on it and you will see the booking window open

3) click on the 'Billing' as seen in purple below.

4) click on 'Refund' on the right hand side.

4) Select 'Bank' or 'Cash' as the refund type.

5) type in the amount you wish to refund OR type in the percentage of the total you wish to refund.  

(if you want to refund the whole amount, type in 100 next to "% of total")

6) click on 'Refund' at the bottom left of the window.

If you go back into the booking 

click on 'billing' 

you should see an updated 'paid' amount

(if you refunded 100%, this should be shown as R0.00)