Here is how you can split a bill or contribute toward someone else's bill:

1) Find and open your booking.

2) Click on 'Billing' 

3) Find out from the guest whose paying how much extra they would like to pay.

(E.g. Receptionist: "Jaundre's Bill is R800 how much of it would you like to pay?"  - Guest: "Half, so R400")

(Eg. Receptionist: "how much extra do you want to contribute towards the bill? - Guest: "Well, i invited people, so another R400")

4) Click on 'Pay" next to the person who is paying.

4) Select the payment type (Cash or Bank)

5) Type in the new 'amount' with the extra added.

(You will see the extra indicated  next to 'Excess amount')

6) Click on 'register payment' and you will be returned to the booking window

7) If you want to register another payment, click on 'Billing' again

8) Click on 'Pay' next to the next persons name.

9) If this person is going to pay the remaining outstanding amount, then click on 'Pay All'

10) and click on 'pay'