Useful Tip:  The bill is automatically split between each person. (This is if 'Split Master Bill by default' is enabled in Configuration

Just click on 'pay' next to each persons name and they will only pay their bill (any extra's they had and an equally  amount of the accommodation cost).

If you want step by step instructions, continue reading below

1) Open the booking

2) Scroll Down and Click on billing 

Example1:  Notice that the Total bill for the Room is  split equally between the three people.

example 2: the room rate is still split equally between them, but in this example, Sarah also bought food, so she has that added onto her bill only.

3) Next to each persons bill you will see a 'Pay' button - Click on one of them

Notice that that the amount that they owe (their share of Accommodation plus any extra's they had) is automatically filled in next to 'amount'.

4) Select a payment type (Bank or Cash)

5) Select a Payment method: 

Manual (to pay via card), or 'Email Payment link' to pay via the internet.


6) If the person wants to tip, type in the how much they want to pay including the tip click on 'Tip'


7) Click on Register Payment.

8) To finish paying bills, Go back into billing (see step 2) and Repeat the process for the next customer. 

9) Keep doing this until all guest balances are R0.00