This short tutorial will show you how to set/update/change the room rates for the next year.*

*at the moment, this is a 2 part process, we hope to improve this later so that you can do it in one step.


Part 1  - Do this part now :)

1) Click on 'Settings'

2) Click on 'Seasons'

3) Click on 'Create'

4) Give your season a name (E.g: "2019")

5) Click on Start date and set it (E.g. "01-01-2019")

6) Click on End date and set it (E.g. "31-12-19")

7) Set the deposit amount* that you require 

( this is only shown if it has been set up in Bookings>Settings>configuration>Payments))

8) If you want to set a minimum number of nights stay you can do that  under OTA Rules (the default 'Min Stay' is 1 night)

9) Click on 'Add an item'

10) Select your first room 

11) Type in the new price that you want it to be under 'Seasonal Price'

12) Keep adding rooms and setting prices until you have done them all. 

(if you get one that says 'season 1' just type in the seasonal price as usual.)

(if are requested to enter in a price per additional adult/child enter that amount too)

13) Click 'Save' in the top left corner of your screen.

You're Done! :)

Come back next year for part 2..

Part 2 - Do this part after the new year..

Why is this important?:

Until you update the base prices of the rooms, you can only charge the 2019 'seasonal' rate for each room (no additional specials/rates set up in the season master will take effect)

First, Set the new base price of all the rooms:

1) Click on 'Settings'

2) Click on 'Rooms'

3) Click on a room name

4) Click on Edit

5) Select the current room rate 

6) Type in the new room rate:

7) Click on 'Save'

8) Click on 'Rooms'

9) Go back to step 3 and follow the steps until you have changed all the room prices.

Now, to delete the 2019 'seasonal pricing' which is no longer relevant:

10) Click on 'Settings'

11) Click on 'Seasons'

12) Click on the box next to 2019 to tick it

13) Click on 'Action' and click on Delete

14) Click on 'Ok'

15) Congratulations, 

If you have followed all the steps,you have updated all your room pricing for the new year :)

If you want to set additional seasonal rates/specials for any time in this year and they will now apply :)