!Some important information before you go ahead

Please note: Changing these settings will change the email notifications that go out to all guests. 

Please be sure you want to make the changes before going ahead.


This brief tutorial will show you how to change and edit Notification Emails and Automated Responses, which includes: 

'Booking confirmed', 'Booking updated' and 'booking cancelled'


'Provisional created', 'Provisional Final Notice' and 'Provisional Cancellation'

(see screenshot above)

1) Click on 'Settings'

2) Click on 'Configuration'

3) Click on 'Email'

4) Click on 'Edit'

5) Click on the the email notification that you want to change (I.e. 'Booking Cancelled')

6) Add/Change or remove any information in the 'Subject' or 'Body' of the email.

7) Click on 'Save'

8) Click on 'Accommodation' to go back to the accommodation/booking window