1. In the open Point Of Sale (the one that must be cashed-up), click 'Close' and IMMEDIATELY click 'Confirm'

2. From the Point Of Sale Dashboard, choose relevant Point Of Sale (for example, Reception) and click 'More'

3.Click on 'Sessions'

4. Choose the Sessions displayed, choose the relevant one (for example Reception). It will normally be 'In Progress' (Normally the one at the top of the list)

5. Click on 'Set closing balance' (Float plus all Cash Income-Money taken out for expenses). 

This is normally all the money in the till

6. In the colum 'Number of Coins/Bills':

Enter the number of Coins or Notes that you next tot he corresponding 'Coin/Bill value' in the first column. After that click 'Confirm'.

(In the example below, we had 2x50c coins, 1xR1.00 coin, 2xR5.00 coins 2xR20.00 notes, 10xR100.00 Notes and 5xR200.00 notes.)

7. Click 'Edit' and enter any expenses at the bottom of the page under Cash Backs and Pay Outs. 

Click 'Add an Item' to input an expenditure..

Click 'Add an Item' again to enter the next expenditure.(continue until all expenditure items are listed). 

REMEMBER, all expenses must be input as negative values.

8. Click 'End Of Session'

9. Click 'Validate Cashup & Stocktake'

10. Make sure the Point of Sale session is in Closed and Posted State 

(The Closed and Posted Tile will be in a darker shade of grey when compared to the others)